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Jewellery for your Soul

Elegant Intentions

Style: Everyone is beautiful! My goal is to offer you the ideal accessory to match your unique personality or intentions. I enjoy designing with natural, quality material of a multitude of colours and shapes, to create something special and unique just for you.

Energy: Gemstones are naturally occurring minerals created by the earth with distinct physical structures. But as science has discovered physical structures, are not solid and are in fact made up of tiny particles of energy. It has long been believed that gemstones are tools for shifting consciousness, through their ability to amplify and balance energy fields.

I have always been in love with fashion and art. Although my main studies were in engineering which is an area I hold a full time job in, my passion is to express my self creatively and share positive intentions with the world. That drove me to create MINERSANA. I hope my creations help you express the amazing energy you hold within.

Mona Amariei-Voiculescu