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3 Easy Tips to Picking the Perfect Valentine's Day Jewellery!

For those out there thinking of getting their significant other a keepsake this Valentine's Day, like a piece of jewellery, picking the right piece can be a bit daunting, especially given the pinch we are all feeling in our wallets. The good news is it only takes a little bit of attention and planning on your part to get that perfect gift and you won’t even have to break the bank. Here are 3 easy tips for picking the perfect jewellery:

1. Pick something adjustable

Necklaces, and stretch bracelets are more forgiving in terms of fit.

2. Match

Each person’s style is very individual and it may be intimidating finding something they like so go for jewellery piece that matches:

  • A favorite colour
  • A favorite piece of clothing (like a sweater you see them wear often)
  • A hobby (find symbols in things like charms)
  • A love for animals
3. Pick something with meaning

Gemstones are great because they come with a variety of meanings, look those up and pick a stone that conveys the intent of the gift for you. For example:

  • Garnet - I Love you passionately
  • Amethysts – You are a piece of my heart
  • Rose Quartz – Our love is unconditional


Jewellery does not have to be expensive. There are plenty of small business that create unique piece that may just match your intent. Once you pick something, let your loved one know in a note why you picked that piece for them, your thoughts, and the meaning you place behind the gift will make it a memento they will always treasure!